Roster Versioning temporarily disabled

Posted by – November 18, 2013

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This morning we temporarily disabled Roster Versioning (XEP-0237) since it wasn’t working and only threw client errors when requested.

4 Comments on Roster Versioning temporarily disabled

  1. amboss says:

    Ever thought about migrating to prosody?

  2. vt100 says:

    Prosody is still single-threaded, which makes it impossible to use for large server deployments.

  3. Matthew Wild says:

    “Impossible” is a strong word :)

    It’s true that (as a Prosody developer) I couldn’t stick my neck out right now and say that Prosody would definitely handle just fine (though I don’t think the lack of multiple threads is much of an issue). However multi-threading doesn’t seem to be helping server stability right now anyway.

    It’s quite possible (and probable, if you ask me) that a switch would be just fine. The closest public server in size running Prosody that I know of has ~1.3K c2s peak, but the machine’s 4 cores sit mostly idle, and the 16GB RAM mostly unused.

    If you did choose to switch, then I’d fully support you. The choice is yours of course, and I don’t intend to push. I just don’t want you to rule out a potential option as not being viable when I think that’s not at all clear.

  4. vt100 says:

    Gee, thanks. Sorry for being a bit condense in the first place ;-)

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